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2022.01.29 10:52 JJMED27 You better listen to her 👀

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2022.01.29 10:52 Sufficient-Ad-1810 Repulsed by the thought of relationship intamacy but okay with hookups? I'm confused help

I knew I was bi in high school. I have only had relationships/hookups with men in the past and I was always dissatisfied no matter what. I always blamed it on the guy in my head. I have never had any true feelings or connections to my past boyfriends (I always assumed I couldn't take it seriously or have emotions because we were in high school) I was able to break up with my past boyfriends with no sad emotions following the breakups. I always felt bad for them and felt nothing towards the relationship ending. I've come out as a lesbian. Now I'm 20, in college. I met my guy best friend and I have had such a strong emotional bond with him. We have been friends for two years now. he knew me pre-coming out. and he was in a relationship when we met. His relationship ended a couple of months ago. When we were hanging out recently he just asked if it was okay to kiss me. I was shocked confused my brain went all over the place. I've only been out as a lesbian for 5 months and he was fully aware and I said yes for some reason I felt like a should (idk something in my brain telling me why not). We made out and it was fun but I felt no serious emotional connection in a sexual way. We ended up hooking up and I was physically satisfied with the sex. We have hooked up two times since. and we discussed a healthy friends with benefits relationship. It's weird cause I am in this mindset where I feel as though i am able to have sex with men if it is strictly no relationship no feelings. But when I think of women I crave that emotional bond and intimacy. Is it possible for this to be a thing? My brain is repulsed by having a relationship with a man but okay with sex if I am comfortable with the man. I also don't really know if this is just the comphet brain convincing me the sex is okay. Especially since i haven't had sex with a woman yet and truly don't know how that would feel although that is what my brain actually desires. I am feeling very lost in labels and wondering if anyone related to these emotions and what helped them figure it all out.
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2022.01.29 10:52 Alaina999 Made some thicc frogs with air dry clay! (Creds to my boyfriend for my frog jumper)

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2022.01.29 10:52 eewewwllamsaevahI 38[m4f] feeling under the weather and can’t fall back to sleep

Greeting fellow early birds. Been kinda sick the past few days, but have had two negative Covid tests. I’m hoping I’ll be good to go soon.
Currently woke up about 3 am. It’s been a struggle to get back to sleep, so I’m deciding to kill some time until I’m tired again. Anyone interested in a good conversation. Please be confident and willing to converse. If you are interested message me!
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2022.01.29 10:52 Chance-Bobcat-8026 Lf scholarship to apply for!

Good day! LOOKING FOR SCHOLARSHIP. I hope that you can choose me as one of your scholars.
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Online games experience: Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, COC, Genshin, Hyperfront
How many hours for day can you dedicate playing Axie: 6 to 8 hours of playing.
Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity: Yes, By watching tutorials on YouTube, playing adventure and arena.
I will follow all the rules and regulations.
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2022.01.29 10:52 andrewsayles Will we make the BEST move in crypto? Generally not...

There are a lot of right moves in crypto and NFTs. Will we pick the BEST one... Generally not.
The key is to get strong at picking the top 25% of the good moves. Then youre doing great.
If you are in the top 50% of good moves then youre really only doing slightly above average in the grand scheme of things
Any lower than top 50%, even if you are picking good projects, you may as well have been in the blue chips like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB.
You aren't out performing the underlying asset enough to make it worth the risk. That s the sweet spot of people who get rekt the hardest
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2022.01.29 10:52 maddysoslutty Daddy u throbbing? ;)

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2022.01.29 10:52 LoneNoble The Sentinel of Avalon: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A Night Around The Fire [First Chapter] | [Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter]
Ase POV:
Well, this had been an interesting day for sure. Go to a buried ruin in the desert, from the summons of The Sentinel, return to town with a champion and get greeted by a crowd of villagers and guards, it really was probably the most interesting thing that had ever happened in my lifetime, and perhaps ever would.
So, it felt odd, walking out of my library at the end of a perfectly normal day, walking towards the town’s food court with Sophus in tow, scent of cooking meat wafting towards us, as though the rest of this day had never happened. It was absolutely bizarre, but the return to normalcy was rather nice after the long walk in the desert.
“Do you think the human will join us today?” Sophus asked. I’m certain that much like myself his mind had been on little else today, and I could hardly blame him.
“Well, he must eat right? It would be a shame if he went off to eat alone, but I’m sure that won’t happen, it would be awfully lonely for him.”
“I’m just so curious about him! I have a million questions and the answers are right there, ill have to be careful not to irritate him though, I want to know everything.”
“Sophus for pities sake, this is a person we’re talking about, not a book to read, try to have a little tact when you speak, they have feelings too, with an aura like that I know you can sense it.”
He frowned, clearly my scolding had hit a little too close, but he needed the reprimand. “I know Ase, I don’t want to upset them, but this is like something out of… I was going to say a storybook but even then, this is beyond anything I have ever written, or seen written.” I sighed at this, it was very true, reality was stranger than my wildest imagination it would seem.
“I know Sophus, I do, but take it in small steps, there’s plenty of time to learn more after we learn about him.” As I said this, we arrived at the food court, and the smell of fresh meat intensified. The pang of hunger in my increased, especially as the auras around the court radiated content and satisfaction.
I saw Aasira sat by one of the fires on the ground, raw meat in her hands ready for her to eat. Just as she was about to dig in, she seemed to notice me, and waved Sophus and I over. We headed towards her after grabbing some meat each, we both took some of the cooked meat off of a different table than the raw meat Aasira preferred and sat on the ground next to her. She grinned at me.
“Still eating scorched meat. Pansies” she chuckled, before taking a big bite out of her meat, savouring the juices she squeezed out.
“It’s not scorched, and not all of us like to eat it as it comes, cooked meat gets prepared well by the hunters, eating good food takes good effort.” I responded as I chewed away at my meal.
“Some of us like to wait for the animal to die Guardsman, but I understand that with your appetite its hard to wait that long.” I had to duck my face behind my hand and grinned, who’d have thought Sophus would barb poor Aasira like that, but he was in for it now.
“Did you just call me a glutton Sophus?” As she glared at him, and he began to wilt inside himself, the aura around us changed drastically. It went from cosy, contented, and happy, to something akin to suspense, anxiety, and curiosity. I turned to confirm my suspicion, and sure enough, there was the human, walking towards the meat table. So, it begins.
“Bet they eat raw meat” Aasira placed her bet
“Bet they eat cooked meat, like the rest of us cultured Curtani” I countered
“I bet they don’t eat at all” Sophus pulling that one out of left field
“If they don’t eat why go to the meat table?”, “Oh, right.” He seemed embarrassed now, I might have felt pity were it not so amusing.
“Wise man proving his wisdom once again. Anyway, here they come now!” I looked from Sophus and found Aasira was right, Sam was walking towards us, it made sense I suppose, we were the only people here that he knew. The curiosity and anxiety in the air felt more potent as he approached, but soon settled after he sat down.
“Nice town you have here, Dune’s End you say? I half expected Priestess Judicia to be here eating with you all.” And with that, the anxiety completely faded away, but the curiosity once again flared, renewed. With the danger mostly gone, the mystery of this new person must have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds, I glanced around the fires of the food court, and though people weren’t outright staring, it was clear they were all paying attention.
“Judicia? That the name of the priest who gave you the tour? I saw her grab some meat earlier, raw like a cultured person- “she threw a mock glare my way at that, and Sam chuckled “but she didn’t eat it here, went home to eat it I suppose. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen her eat here, but its not like I was looking.”
“Fair enough, as you can see, I’m not quite cultured.” He gestured to his cooked meat and Aasira pouted.
“Shame on you, and your terrible decision-making skills.”
Sam shook his head, and reached up to remove his helmet…
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sam POV:
I stood up to go to the food court I’d been shown before, I saw Curtani moving down the street from the quiet corner I had found myself. I needed time to process all that had happened to me. I had to make some decisions and commit to them and taking the time to think had allowed me to come to a few conclusions.
Firstly, I had to drop the caution now. If I had any alternative then I could keep my guard up, and if these people turned out to be hostile id move to said alternative, but Aasira was right. I had no hope of learning why I was here, nor any method of getting back to humanity without a civilisation backing me. I was only one man, on a world I wasn’t at all familiar with, I was under the circumstances forced to trust them. Not that they’d seemed untrustworthy, but I’d have liked more time before I pledged my life on a decision, sadly beggars cannot be choosers, and I had to work with what I was given.
Which lead me to my second conclusion, I had to get friendly with the locals. I needed to get a reputation, or at least become a friendly face, if they felt I was a threat then my chances were shot, and I had to remember that I was as alien to them as they were to me, and as such a threat. Unlike me however, they didn’t have a civilisation or culture to judge me off, so I had to give them a good first impression.
Who should I befriend? Well, I needed information primarily, and allies. First on my list was Priestess Judicia. She seemed to carry some kind of authority, however unofficial it was, and given she worked in the temple she was likely fairly central to the town. If their temples worked anything like the ones on earth used to ages ago, she probably had people confide in her, or at the very least she got to know people from frequent visits. A friendship with her was likely to earn me some good grace with the townsfolk at least, even if it wasn’t helpful with information outside of common knowledge. Then I should try to make friends with the three I woke up to, they might have more information than they spoke of in front of the town, assuming a god could even come into play in this world, not that voicing any doubt was wise at this point.
Aasira, Ase, and Sophus, they told me. I knew Aasira was a guardsman, seemingly close to the captain, but I may have read him wrong, it did seem he was mostly concerned for her when we got back, like a parent fretting over a lost child. Still, alien culture, too soon to judge, I’d have to dig for more information. Then there was Ase, supposedly the Librarian of Dune’s end, though I wasn’t too sure of what that entailed. We had libraries on a few colonies sure, but they were mostly manned by VI’s, more efficient that way, and even then, they were a novelty, with most people doing their reading digitally, I’d have to see if her role was like that of the VI’s. Lastly there was Sophus… I wasn’t actually sure what he did, nobody had said. I’d have to find out.
I arrived at the food court and did a quick sweep of the place, there were 2 tables with meat on them, probably after the hunters had prepared it if Judicia was right on her tour earlier, and I had no reason to doubt her. I walked to them and checked both, one was redder than the other, so I assumed it was raw, and the other was cooked. I grabbed a bit of cooked meat, turned around and looked for somewhere to sit.
I could clearly see the Curtani were all watching me, some quickly looking away, some drawing back a little bit, as if to hide themselves, and some just openly watching. I looked for Judicia’s white scales, but I couldn’t see her at all. That being off the cards, I decided to look for the other 3, and found them all sitting together around one of the fires. I drew in some confidence from nowhere and made my way over to their group.
“Nice town you have here, Dune’s End you say? I half expected Priestess Judicia to be here eating with you all.” Nothing wrong with fishing for a bit of information with my compliment, I needed to get them on side but that didn’t mean I had to be idle. After Aasira informed me that she hadn’t seen her eat here before, I decided to ask her about it the next day, I’d need to befriend her, and I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t ever able to find her outside of the temple. The Aasira made some joking gesture to Ase about raw meat being cultured and I felt myself relax, banter, this I could do.
Grinning behind my helmet I gestured at my own meal “Fair enough, as you can see, I’m not quite cultured.” She pouted at me
“Shame on you, and your terrible decision-making skills.” My god this Curtani was adorable, I simply had to disappoint her more.
I shook my head, grinning behind my helmet, and decided now was the moment of faith. I reached up to my helmet and went to take it off, but it caught.
What the hell?
I tried again, and it wouldn’t move. I groaned.
“Having trouble there Sam?” Ase seemed concerned, but Aasira seemed very amused, damned pest.
“I think its pressurised, this only ever happens… well its happened before. One moment.”
I brought up the pad on my wrist, lighting up the touchscreen with my finger, a few swipes and taps later, and my helmet let out all of the pressure, with a big hiss of gas coming from my neck.
When I was brought here, it must have been from a ship. We only ever stay pressurised in space; in case we get hull damage and are sent into the void. Curious.
Keeping that small conclusion to myself, I finally pulled off my helmet, and breathed in the smell of deliciously cooked meat.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aasira POV:
When the helmet hissed at us, I and half the food court jumped out of scales. But when it finally came off, I took the time to take in our new resident human.
He had pale skin, like a cream colour, between pink and white, 2 forward facing eyes like ourselves, but instead of the normal eyes, with slitted pupils, his pupils were round circles around his green irises. Freaky. He had tufts of fur over his eyes, and on the top of his head, they were a dark brown, didn’t seem as long as some of the creature’s id seen, I wondered if that was as long as it got, or if he cut it that short. It had weird pink lips and a mouth, with a smaller nose above them, rather than a snout with the nose and teeth like us. It was a little ugly really, at least the eyes were nice, if different.
Whilst I examined it, I looked at the armour again, he wore all black, with some grey armoured components, looking to be made out of something like metal. He had 2 vambraces, one his left curving around his arm naturally, the other on his right seemed to flatten at the top into what I thought was a black square, although now having seen him work it, I recognised it was something more, it glowed like his helmet, and had the ability to make his armour do things. His shoulders were covered in armour as well, black segments of armour trailing down his neckline to his shoulders in sections that layered over one another, presumably for mobility, it was good design really, like nothing id seen before, but I suppose that skin was more fragile than our scales. He also wore some kind of symbol on his upper arms, in all silver, some kind of orb with random blobs on it, a sword running horizontal behind it, and surrounded by small silver… dots?
“What’s that symbol on your shoulder?” I was curious, and as I spoke, I felt the aura of curiosity grow once again, those around us seemed to tune in.
He grinned and tugged at his arm, bringing the symbol up to his face “This is the symbol of Humanity, our world Earth, with a sword run though it, surrounded by stars. “It’s a representation of our home, our goal, and our will.”
It was weird, on the one hand I could hear the alien language come from his mouth, but the helmet he placed next to him translated it into flawless Curtani language, sounding as though his voice spoke it, like a weird echo, but using different words. “Your helmet translates for you? Useful tool.”
He grinned at that, “It’s helpful, isn’t it? I’ll have to get my pad on my wrist here to translate for me if I decide to not wear my armour after I’ve gotten some clothes, but it will do for now.” I’d never get used to the weird echo, but at least I could understand him.
He, the helmet, argh. He spoke again, now inquiring after us. “So, you’re Aasira, I know you work as a guardsman, did you have a good day at work?”
I grimaced a little “It was very odd, the Aura around the Guard-Captain was incredibly conflicted, he’d been preparing to reprimand me all day, only to find out I had a very valid reason for leaving. I had to sit next to him as he had me recount all of the events since my vision, all whilst feeling very potent feelings of pride, anxiety, anger, affection… It was not the most comfortable of reports. Unhelped by the lack of patrol today to take my mind off it.”
“There you go again, mentioning Aura. What are you talking about?”
I paused, sympathy rising in me. I hoped I was wrong, but if my suspicions were right, that would be awfully sad. “Can you not see aura? The energy around us?”
He just looked confused, damn it. “No? What are you talking about?”
How awful, imagine living in a world where you couldn’t feel how others felt, couldn’t look up into the sky and be comforted by The Guardian, couldn’t enjoy the happiness of those around you, it must be bleak.
“It’s rare, but some Curtani can’t feel it either. It’s a sense we have, akin to vision and hearing. You can feel someone’s ‘Aura’ come from their soul and see it. Curtani auras are red, and The Guardian’s is green, some animals have different colours, like black, or purple, or yellow. Rarely, a species or individual will come in favour of The Guardian, and become “God Touched”, it’s a symbol of honour, and proof that your faith has been rewarded. The aura you have will mix with the Green of The Guardian, but it’s incredibly rare.
It will also allow you to read the emotions of other people, and it will broadcast your own, like now I can feel you’re… inquisitive, in awe. You want more answers, but you’re impressed.” I chuckled “Like Sophus, almost every day.” “Hey!” At this the crowd around us chuckled, we all knew what he was like, and Sam seemed amused as well.
“My god, a race of dragon empaths. I wish we’d found you sooner, what an interesting bunch. But wouldn’t that be a massive disadvantage though? Letting others feel your emotions, it would be awfully hard to bluff people.” At this I frowned a little.
“Well for most of our history that would be true, but as of lately some of our lords, and some merchants have trained a way to suppress their aura so it can’t be seen or felt, presumably its helpful in their line of work for exactly that reason, but they seem unwilling to share the secret method with most Curtani.”
“I see… I’m curious though, I take it by the fact I’m a “second green sun” that my aura matches The Guardians? Is that a thing that’s happened before?”
“No, only ever once in history, its beyond rare, unheard of for two thousand years. The only and last person to have an aura like yours was the First Knight, though every knight since has been God-Touched.” He seemed to ponder that for a moment.
I felt my soul leave my body. Bloody birds. And now the others were laughing at me. Sam too, brilliant.
“I told you, those birds love you~” Sophus just couldn’t help himself, smug prat.
Once Sam was done laughing, and I was done lecturing the others on the bird menace (They’re out to get me I swear) He decided to bring the topic back to something more casual.
“So, Sophus, I never did hear about what you do for work?”
“Well, Sam, I’m the town scribe. I write whatever people need on paper when they need it, and when nobody needs it, I write some stories to put in Ase’s library, but in my downtime, I like to spend my time solving puzzles and asking lots of questions…”
Whatever tension existed in the beginning of the night soon died out, and we relaxed into a comfortable conversation as we enjoyed our meals. Soon people began to grow tired and peel away to their huts, finally we all got up, so I turned to Sam, who was sliding his helmet back on.
“Right Sam you’re with me, lets head back to my hut for the night.” He followed behind me, as I dragged myself down the various paths towards the huts, he seemed fascinated by them, but surely, he had something equivalent, so I didn’t get the curiosity myself.
Finally, we arrived at mine, fairly close to the barracks compared with some of the other huts, I opened the door and snuffed the light next to it out, stepping inside.
“Welcome to my hut Sam, what’s mine is yours.”
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sam POV:
It was small and primitive, just one room for the whole thing, with a wooden desk, a rack for armour, and a chest for storage. On the ground was a strange disk of bronze, surrounded by stones, raised slightly above the rest of the floor.
The desk was mostly empty, spartan except for a small stack of books, with the chest sitting under it. I was curious if anything was inside, but generally speaking rummaging through a host’s drawers and cupboards was considered rather rude, so I refrained.
Just one issue, I didn’t see a bed of any kind.
“So, where am I going to sleep?”
Aasira seemed to realise the issue at the same time as me and shuffled around a little embarrassed. “I only have one hot stone, sorry about that, you can sleep on it tonight if you want, and I’ll have to make do on the floor, no reason for you to freeze for my mistake.”
I was so lost. “Hot stone?” she gestured at the bronze disk, I touched a finger to it, and surely enough it was hot to the touch. “How on earth…”
“It has a fire under it, metal absorbs the heat and so its nice for us to lay on at night, we Curtani like to sleep in the warm. Are you not the same?”
“Well, not quite that hot. And we don’t sleep on metal, we prefer to wrap ourselves in layers of cloth.”
She blinked at that. “Weird creatures.” I chuckled “Get on your hot stone before I decide to steal it out of spite.” She practically dove onto it and curled up like the lizard she was in a contented sigh.
I suddenly had a flash of thought about that really awful ‘2 people one bed trope’ some stories like to use, and I laughed, hard. Aasira looked horribly confused. “What’s so funny? Look this is how I sleep okay?”
“Not you, just a thought I had.” I grinned behind the helmet, not that she could see it. I was so glad that I had my uniform with me, space was cold, and this suit could keep the wearer warm.
Take that, badly written fiction.
I guessed given there was no bed, pillow, or any of that I’d have to make do with the floor this time. Thankfully my helmet was padded enough. I rested my head on one of the stones around where Aasira was sleeping and flicked some peaceful music on my pad. As my helmet played me some calming jazz, and rain sounds that reminded me of earth, I felt my eyes grow heavy, and I drifted off to sleep…
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [First Chapter] | [Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter]
AN: Introductions are made and the stage is set. Next few chapters will be focused on a character each if it goes according to plan, with more background and plot sprinkled in. I need to do some more drafting, I have a plan for the story but I need to find a way to fit in a little more action without breaking the plot-line im setting up, bear with me lol.
Sorry this one was late, Wednesday I couldn't force myself to write anything, Thursday I had my cousin over and was shattered when they left, and Friday is when I got most of this down, but I didn't want to post until id proof read it.
Try to have the next one out on time lol, leave me your critique as always, let me know what you think. 'till the next one
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2022.01.29 10:52 EddyTwink Any award would work

Please just one
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2022.01.29 10:52 andomy_ does caitlin come back in s5? i havent watched much of s5

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2022.01.29 10:52 bagel_al Jake is ready to walk in the blizzard

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2022.01.29 10:52 OldNerdOldGames Old Games - Urban Chaos / #25 Seek, Sneak and Seize / PC

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2022.01.29 10:52 GuidanceCareless6287 Today I found one of my female mice dead with it’s eye missing and it’s face all torn up. What happened?

I have 2 female mice and today I found one of them dead with it’s face all torn up and eye missing. It was dead in its bed too, am I right to think it probably died of natural causes and then was eaten by the other mouse?
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2022.01.29 10:52 endi1122 It's like a giant sea rat. With depression.

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2022.01.29 10:52 ischeram Tax deductions

What business expenses are ya'll deducting for tax purposes? What are we allowed to deduct? I was thinking things like: - internet connection - walking shoes (I go through so many now!) - mileage certainly but I don't drive - the 20% Rover booking fee - any holiday gifts left behind
Are these things allowed?
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2022.01.29 10:52 mambastreams For no reason at all

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2022.01.29 10:52 thetownsendlew Why Luffy

Hello all,
Looking to get into this coin. What are the Devs trying to achieve?
Do they show their faces?
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2022.01.29 10:52 OldNerdOldGames Old Games - Urban Chaos / #25 Seek, Sneak and Seize / PC

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