She always makes my day, even on the hard ones

2021.12.08 19:33 absolutelyuseless31 She always makes my day, even on the hard ones

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2021.12.08 19:33 Thryloz Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

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2021.12.08 19:33 poisonedmonkey Delivered today, two amazing soundtracks I didn't even know had made it to vinyl!

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2021.12.08 19:33 chemispe Burnt out working in semiconductors. It's aerospace any better?

I currently work as a senior engineer in CMP and would like to try and shift to aerospace. I had a second interview with a major aerospace company this week for a materials engineer position, but I'm now reconsidering. I try to have a 'the grass is greener where you water it' attitude, but the culture and work itself have made me jaded where I'm currently at. It's not that challenging overall and any changes I try to make get scoffed at by management. At this point, I don't know if it's just the company or if a change in industry altogether would be the best move.
Has anyone made a similar switch and were you glad you did?
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2021.12.08 19:33 SlippersEC I'm Into Something Good -- The Herman's Hermits

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2021.12.08 19:33 ngo_dm_aa Goal is 20 Likes
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2021.12.08 19:33 ta112289 BC for the wait between hormonal IUD removal and TTC?

My husband (28M) and I (29F) are WTT #1 until sometime April-June 2022. I currently have a hormonal IUD (Mirena) and have been on birth control since I was 13 (required because of Accutane). I only had my period for a year before starting BC, so I don't really know what my cycle will be like.
Because of all of that, I want to get my IUD out at least a month before TTC, but I really do not want to use condoms. Anyone have plans or experience using a different BC, non-hormonal BC between IUD removal/coming off the pill and TTC?
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2021.12.08 19:33 DarthGonk23 Any Fun Marching Band Trip Stories?

Every like 3 years, our band take a big trip. Last time it was Disney World. I’m a freshman and I’m going on my first one in May. We are going to Nashville. Lucky for me, since I’m only a freshman, I get to go on 2. But I’m bored and wanna hear some fun stories.
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2021.12.08 19:33 IamCreedBratt0n Generac 100A transfer switch 22KW generator

Good day electricians,
First off, I want to say I thank you and appreciate you for your time. I purchased a Generac Generator and it came with a 200 Amp transfer switch.
My installer is telling me I need a 100AMP transfer switch, because that’s what’s required for my electrical requirements. Can I run a 100AMP transfer switch properly on a 22KW Generator?
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2021.12.08 19:33 BlackieChan_503 Top scorer parlay.. who scores more SGA or Pascal 👀

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2021.12.08 19:33 dariuskhail Does Business credit card report to personal credit bureau?

Hey everyone, I have an incorporation under my name for which I do consulting, I applied for a business credit card (don’t really need one as I have a business debit card). My question is I know they did a hard pull on my personal credit but will RBC regularly report my payments and will the business credit card show as an open account under my personal credit file? If not then it’s not really worth accepting the card so any advice helps!!
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2021.12.08 19:33 Mishihao THE HUNTER

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2021.12.08 19:33 i-am-unimportant Who gets the second anointing?

I mentioned to my mom that one problem I had with the church was keeping the second anointing secret. She said it wasn’t a thing she’d even heard of, so I asked my dad about it, and he said it was “to make your election made sure” or something.
My parents are planning on being the medical directors for a mission in Africa, and I’m sure they’ll love it. I am wondering if they are gonna get a second anointing or if it is for quorum of the 70 and/or mission president thing. How do you qualify?
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2021.12.08 19:33 -LNZ- When CEO Matt says we’re the best shareholders in the world 💜

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2021.12.08 19:33 areyoushittingmyd_ck How do I stop emetophobia from controlling my life?

Hi, i’ve been in this group for a while seeking likeminded people who struggle with emetophobia but have reserved from commenting as a lot of the stories seem positive and uplifting for people who have overcome their fear.However mine isn’t the case.
For context i am F15 who has struggled with emetophobia most of my life. I didn’t know it was a thing until i brought it up to a friend who mentioned her mum having a similar experience and told me about how she deals with it and so fourth. It didn’t used to be bad but these last few years have been a real struggle for me and i feel like my fear is stopping me from living my life.
I seem to be a very anxious individual (which seems strange to even admit online as i am extremely outgoing and am in a very extroverted friend group) and no one would really guess that even getting up for school makes me worried and therefore feel ill.Usually, the second i do get to school, I’m fine however there isn’t a day that goes by when i’m not worried that im going to *tu.
I let it control the foods i eat: avoiding meat, foods that have previously made me or others feel unwell and never overeating or eating until i am anywhere near full. my activities: not drinking, going to parties where people could *tu,not eating at unfamiliar locations, not exercising too hard and not going on car journeys with people who could possibly get travel sick.
To top this, my mum believes that meditation will solve my problem as she knows that it is completely mental and doesn’t want the to seek help due to financial reasons which is completely understandable but i’m really struggling to cope and feel as if i have no one to talk to.
Sometimes i can’t help it and struggle to breathe, start to shake and can’t explain why.
I just want to be able to live my life like my friends do as i would love to have all of these experiences whilst i’m young and am just exhausted of letting it consume me. Not to help, i also have stomach issues that i can mistake for feeling unwell and can’t help but feel overwhelmed.
I’m willing to try just about anything at this point lol (sorry for the long message) but i think i really need help.
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2021.12.08 19:33 kissiwarrior Balto turned one today!

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2021.12.08 19:33 working-lunch-pdf A Lisa Bonus: Dungeons of Rage Trilogy

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2021.12.08 19:33 pnutbutterpirate Warm dim flush mount ceiling LED fixture?

Warm to dim bulbs change color temperature as they dim. Does anyone know a flush mount ceiling LED fixture that does this? I can only find screw in bulbs and biggerecessed fixtures.
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2021.12.08 19:33 Asha_5656 TheYellowDapp

Recently I found a very interesting project. It’s called Crossing the Yellow Blocks. I’m a big fan of cinematography so it's always interesting to listen to them#CrossingTheYellowBlocks $CBK #crypto #CBK #TheYellowDapp u/theYellowBlocks #Blockchain #GooglePlay #AppleTV+ #pancakeswap #cryptocurrency #decentralization #Defi #BTC #Altcoi
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2021.12.08 19:33 DrGamer365 “Silence when not in focus” always on?

I currently have the “Silence when not in focus” option off, but it’s still silencing when I click out of the game’s window. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and hasn’t fixed it. Anyone else having this issue?
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2021.12.08 19:33 AngusDundeeGeo The President of the Society: Hunor Deak

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2021.12.08 19:33 DazzlemateNFT Join the Negative Penguin Collective

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2021.12.08 19:33 johnmakesthebeats CMG Demi is up next bro I swear 😭

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2021.12.08 19:33 AbyssLoiterer Woo hoo! Finally got my first clear. The only time I've gotten a rainbow chest too.

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2021.12.08 19:33 YuhFRthoYORKonhisass MPT to lower memory voltage minimum on 5700?

Title. Interested in lowering temperatures and increasing efficiency on my 5700s. I'm not comfortable in BIOS modding $1000 GPUs so I just want to know if it is possible with just using MorePowerTool. I have already successfully lowered the minum voltage on the GFX and Soc
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