[Geometry] how would i be able to find the measure of
  • FA20D Subaru Engine

The FA20D engine used a hot-wire, slot-in type air flow meter to measure intake mass – this meter allowed a portion of intake air to flow through the detection area so that the air mass and flow rate could be measured directly. The mass air flow meter also had a built-in intake air temperature sensor.

2021.10.25 19:53 oumassimp [Geometry] how would i be able to find the measure of

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2021.10.25 19:53 cumunculus Giving away 2 tickets for 10/29 Haw River, NC show

Don't want them to go to waste!
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2021.10.25 19:53 CelebBattleVoteBot Battle of the Best Beauties: Ana De Armas vs Alexandra Daddario

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2021.10.25 19:53 catsnapsapp Cat Snaps: Cat Selfie

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2021.10.25 19:53 EquivalentExtra What vibes do I give off?

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2021.10.25 19:53 PolymerPussies Godzilla, watercolor

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2021.10.25 19:53 ActuallyReith He froze😂my guy hasnt moved for 40 mins

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2021.10.25 19:53 Special_Twist1079 How many helium balloons would it take make a 20 pound 3 year old girl fly ?

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2021.10.25 19:53 HiLife_Collectibles Just arrived! These are so cool.

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2021.10.25 19:53 cbvv1992 🔥85% Off Code & Clip Coupon – $3.00 Magic Sponge Erasers (60 Pack)

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2021.10.25 19:53 BrasilOnReddit [r/WTF] Brazilian Navy vessel "Cisne Branco" (White Swan) displays astonishing military maneuver, taxpayers are proud with joy.

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2021.10.25 19:53 Panjing Custom Float Number Component update issues

Hello, I built a simple number box component that formats / validates float values. It's working except I have two issue that i'm stuck on and hoping someone from the community can give me advice on. (I'm using redux)

  1. After the component mounts, I set the initial component value (from a preset), changing the value/component state works as expected but I'm confused at how I can update the internal component state from props again. There is a reset feature in the app that resets the changed value to the last saved value.
  2. there's a scenario where a modal window is active and has a number field which updates the same key in the app state as the main app window. so updating the modal input causes the main field to update as well and it gets into a render loop.
My approach to #2 is to disable the main window input while the modal window is active, but that causes an issue with the main window input getting out of sync with the latest value.
import React, {Component, createRef} from 'react' import classnames from 'classnames' import { formatClassNames } from "../../utilities"; export default class FloatNumberInput extends Component { state = { value: "" } inputRef = createRef(); componentDidMount() { // set the initial value const value = this.props.value || this.props.defaultValue; const initialValue = typeof value === 'number' ? value.toFixed(2) : value this.setState({ value: initialValue }); } componentDidUpdate(prevProps) { const prevValue = prevProps.value const currentValue = typeof this.props.value === "number" ? this.props.value.toFixed(2) : this.props.value; if (this.state.value !== currentValue) { // call callback from parent this.setValue(this.state.value); } } isMaxDecimal = value => { const splitValue = String(value).split("."); const decimalLength = splitValue[1] ? splitValue[1].length : 0; return decimalLength < 3; } isAllowedChar = (char) => { const dotCount = (char.match(/\./g) || []).length; return /^[0-9.]*$/.test(String(char)) && dotCount < 2; } isValidFormat = value => { return /^\d{1}\.\d{2}$/.test(String(value)); } inRange = (value) => { const { min, max } = this.props; return value >= min && value <= max; } setValue = (value) => { // this is the final check to make sure the value is x.xx if (!this.isValidFormat(value)) return; console.log(">> setting & sending value:", this.props.label, value); // update parent state this.props.onChange(value); }; handleInput = (e) => { let inputValue = e.target.value; if ( !this.isAllowedChar(inputValue) || !this.inRange(inputValue) || !this.isMaxDecimal(inputValue) ) return; // set formatted value this.setState( () => { return { value: inputValue, }; }, () => console.log(`>> ${this.props.label} updated component state: ${inputValue}`) ); }; handleKeyPress = (e) => { const { min, max, step, precision } = this.props; // mimic native number box up/down arrows switch (e.key) { case "ArrowUp": case "ArrowDown": // prevent cursor from jumping e.preventDefault() // inc / dec const d = e.key === "ArrowUp" ? 1 : 0 const s = parseFloat(step) this.setState(state => { const v = parseFloat(state.value) let nextValue = eval(`${v} ${d ? '+' : '-'} ${s}`) const valid = this.inRange(nextValue); // restrict range if(!valid) { if(nextValue > max) { nextValue = max } else if(nextValue < min) { nextValue = min } } return { value : nextValue.toFixed(precision) } }) break; case ".": this.setState((state) => { const currentValue = state.value; // is the field text all selected const selectionStart = this.inputRef.current.selectionStart; const selectionEnd = this.inputRef.current.selectionEnd; const valueLength = this.inputRef.current.value.length; const selected = selectionStart === 0 && selectionEnd === valueLength; const emptyValue = currentValue === ""; const newValue = emptyValue || selected ? "0." : currentValue; return { value: newValue } }); break; default: break; } }; handleBlur = () => { const { max, precision } = this.props; this.setState((state) => { let value = state.value; if (!this.inRange(value)) { value = value > max ? max : value; } const parsedValue = value !== "" ? parseFloat(value) : 1.0; return { value: !isNaN(parsedValue) ? parsedValue.toFixed(precision) : "", }; }); }; render() { const { label, onFocus } = this.props; return ( 
); } }
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2021.10.25 19:53 jshariar Software Developer Student about to Graduate. I have some experience under the belt.

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2021.10.25 19:53 weiden111 24 [M4F] Sweden/Anywhere - Just a guy looking to form deep and meaningful connections where we can chat a lot and about anything that comes to mind

Hello there kind stranger that has taken an interest in my post!
My name is Casper. I am a 24 year old guy from Sweden. I am living right in the middle of the woods with just my cat (will happily send lots of cat pics!) so it can get a bit lonely out here. I am looking for something long term. I am roughly 6 foot 1, or 185cm, pale, brown short hair, and green eyes. If you are curious to see how I look, then here is picture of myself I posted on another subreddit.
In my spare time I enjoy playing games (just got back into GW2, so if you play that then it would be so awesome), cooking/baking, watching movies and shows (preferably under a blanket on a rainy day with a warm cup of coffee or tea), playing guitar, reading/writing, photography, and playing basketball.
I am a very compassionate and affectionate person. I enjoy giving genuine compliments, affection and attention to others, as well as just being someone that is there to talk whenever you may need it. I am also pretty much an open book, and will talk about anything and/or answer any questions, no matter whatever they may be. Consider this your invitation to send a question you think I wouldn't be able to answer :D I would want to chat about anything and everything, and I always try to be a fast with my replies!
I mostly use Discord, but if you have another preference then I am very flexible.
If this sounds interesting and you feel like we may be able to form a connection then feel free to send me a message! Don’t hesitate, life is too short for that. Who knows? This could be the start of an amazing relationship!
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2021.10.25 19:53 SelenaKyle94 Italian and Puerto Rican

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2021.10.25 19:53 hybridtheory1331 What does the popcorn machine do?

I'm on track to get the popcorn machine and I'm excited about that.
But what does it actually do? Is it just cosmetic? Or does it do something cool like you put in corn and oil and get a new food(popcorn) that has some kind of bonus? Maybe +charisma or something.
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2021.10.25 19:53 FishLandHoes3 I haven't been on this sub in a while

I can't fucking win. I go in trios, I don't spawn with any team mates, I go into duos, the other person leaves, I go into firing range with some friends, I get booted out the game. What the fuck?
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2021.10.25 19:53 slowdruh Oscar Mike, Ladies. Female here.

Despite many units' reports, they do exist in Internet communities and have a sense of humor, even though they aren't part of the Comedy Police Corps.
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2021.10.25 19:53 ben-bacharach I got a goalkeeper from the youth academy thats actually meant to be a striker or winger but because hes a goalkeeper i cant change his position 🤷‍♂️

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2021.10.25 19:53 BrickityBrick 37 [M4F] whiskey and packing. Please save me.

Moving on Saturday (yahoo for buying a house!). Packing sucks. Putting shit in boxes and sipping on some knob creek (that’s what she said)
Single dad, music teacher, cute good guy just looking to pass the time with someone. Shoot me a message with your Kik if you’d like to chat tonight
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2021.10.25 19:53 blissyay3 Mountable Feywild Creatures with Horns? [5E]

Hi I'm having a stroke
Context: So in a campaign I'm in my character has the title of "The Great Horned One" in her fey hometown. The title was given because she was just too damn horny back in the day, but I like to imagine that when she first heard it she thought it was a cool title for heroes.
I really want to draw her riding into town on a horned beast of sorts, but I'm having a hard time finding one.
Please send help -A Tired Druid
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2021.10.25 19:53 hahawowausername I think i softlocked my game lol

i have completed battle for whiterun (stormcloak), its asking me to report back to ulfric, but when i talk to him im not given the option, the guards in whiterun are all stormcloak, and balgruff is still the jarl
im on switch btw
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2021.10.25 19:53 Wwecodzombies Anybody wanna play bo3

High Rounding
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2021.10.25 19:53 HKPR2000 👀

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2021.10.25 19:53 More_Woodpecker9725 Which one should I get? And is there any pre order bonus?

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