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2021.10.25 19:07 No_Pumpkin_5783 xxxNifty, their token [N$FW] | 100x GEM | | 2 Top 10 Exchanges coming | $10M MC | | 2 Platforms, 1 Utility token [N$FW] | Don't miss this MoonShot! #1 OnlyFans Star Amouranth sold out NFTs in 15min on our Marketplace!

xxxNifty, their token [N$FW] | 100x GEM | | 2 Top 10 Exchanges coming | $10M MC | | 2 Platforms, 1 Utility token [N$FW] | Don't miss this MoonShot! #1 OnlyFans Star Amouranth sold out NFTs in 15min on our Marketplace! submitted by No_Pumpkin_5783 to cryptomoongroup [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:07 sillywabbit321 Zoinks!

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2021.10.25 19:07 reddit_feed_bot TheBlaze: Two border agents were fired out of 24 recommended for removal for misconduct on Facebook

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2021.10.25 19:07 frog_666_ man on balcony

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2021.10.25 19:07 Memer_remeM I’m actually screwed

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2021.10.25 19:07 Remarkable-Process-8 Spouse wants known sperm donor. Need Advice.

Sorry for my poor English, I'm from Russia.
Should my wife get pregnant from a donor if I'm infertile (IVF won't help)?
I am less than 30, married to my beloved for 5 years. I love very much. They wanted a child, it didn't work out. But after the examination, it turned out that I was sterile, there could be no children at all. The wife became depressed. But she loves me, and I love her very much.
Well, what can be done here? And after a while, my wife tells me that her friend's girlfriend gave birth to what is called "for herself" from some guy. After clarification, his wife found out that he was about 22, a student, an athlete. After some time, she contacted him herself, she liked him outwardly, as she says very "good genes". I'm at a loss. The wife does not want an anonymous donor from the bank, because she wants to know the person. And then she finds out that he has 5 children born to him and one is pregnant. And that it so happened that this "self" happens to him and began at the age of 17.
After realizing these facts, to put it mildly, I felt uneasy. My wife loves me and is waiting for me to give the go-ahead. But everything seems to be fine, but I am infuriated by the fact that he so easily "makes" children to all sorts of ladies, and he himself has infertility. Raising one of his children-I don't know if I can handle it. It adds fuel to the fire that he does not want to stop, and from the realization of this something is boiling in me, jealousy, envy, I do not know.
What to do?
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2021.10.25 19:07 Fhczvyd474374846 [IndieGala] (Game) Contract With The Devil

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2021.10.25 19:07 TanjiroMain Top Tier Giyu Tomioka RANKED Gameplay LIVE !!

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2021.10.25 19:07 El_Chedman VC.

Who know any fix to get the voice comms on console (series x) to come through headset? I can hear everyone fine but the audio is coming through my tv despite my headset being plugged in and working fully ( others can hear me) I assume it’s an insurgency issue as no other game have I encountered this issue if anyone has found a fix that’ll be very appreciated
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2021.10.25 19:07 PriorDependent17 All my friends have left :/

I'm in quite the dilemma. I originally started playing with a group of 7 but I'm the last one left, nobody was willing to stick it out to 60 except for me. I feel like I tricked myself into thinking this game was something that it's not. Was hoping for a long term MMO...
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2021.10.25 19:07 Battlefield2119 I have no clue what to do. Please help.

TLDR: Ex gf broke up with me over text for no reason and refuses to talk about it, but wants to stay friends. I find out she’s saying I cheated on her, I’m literally going insane.
My ex (21F) of almost a year broke up with me (20M) in August. Although we had our normal relationship issues, I thought everything was perfectly fine for the most part, certainly not enough to warrant breaking up, although she always brushed all the problems under the rug despite my efforts to communicate (red flag number one.) When I mean perfectly fine, I mean everything was great. We hadn’t fought in months, got along perfectly, and loved spending time together. Even started asking when I was getting her a promise ring and started showing me wedding dresses. But it was almost too much time together. We saw each other, literally, every single day of July. When I asked her about it, expressing that I wanted some time to miss her and that spending every day together isn’t good as we might get too “used to each other” if that makes sense, to which she replied she didn’t want to miss me and enjoyed spending all her time with me, so I brushed it off.
Come August, I leave for my family vacation, after a bit of a rough patch and taking a week long hiatus, but still seeing each other every day. We talked a bit and sounded like everything was fine, and agreed some time away would be good as she also went out of town with fam. A friend of mine calls me up and tells me they hung out and she said she didn’t want to be with me. I text her and ask if we could talk on the phone and if everything was alright with us. She says she feels she needs to be single and independent again and that “our time has come,” we can’t fix our issues and she’s needed space for some time now. This was all over text and refused to pick up the phone.
This was a complete and utter 180° blindside for me. I always tried my absolute hardest to approach and communicate with her in a healthy way about our issues and have a healthy conversation. Checking in and asking if there was anything she had on her mind or if she would like to talk about always ended in her claiming there were none on her side.
She claimed she really wanted to stay friends, but has refused to have any talk about the breakup whatsoever. I can’t even get a reason as to why she ended things, other than she lost feelings. Even then, she never expressed any concerns or needs before this and never gave me an opportunity to “fix” things before it was too late. All my attempts at having a conversation about things, even after letting her know I truthfully don’t want to get back together, only wanting to know what happened, end up in her saying something like “I don’t want to talk about things from the past, it’s not healthy for me.” My question is, how do you get past something if you never address it in the first place?
This completely crushed me. What happened? What could I have done for things to change so suddenly? From her wanting to spend every second of the day with me to not even telling me what went wrong? We tried to be friends for a while, but it was obvious there was tension between us. Eventually she asked me what was wrong, and to either talk about it and not be sad or drop whatever issue it was and not be sad. I expressed the same issue that it would be healthy and help a lot for me to know what happened and to have a civil conversation about it, and she blew up. Basically said we can’t be friends if I don’t drop it because she doesn’t feel obligated to tell me anything or talk about anything. While I do respect her decisions as her own person, I find it incredibly immature and childish to expect someone to completely drop a year of their life with no conversation, let alone after they ask you for help. Especially after wanting to be friends!
It’s been a couple weeks since that went down, and I recently heard from a friend of hers that she was telling people I cheated on her. What. What? I am at a complete loss for words. If she thought that was true, that would at least be something to tell me about? Or at least a reason to give me for breaking up, no? She never said anything to me, ever. Not one word about anything of the sorts. I don’t know what I did for her to hate me enough to find this necessary, but I’m hurting so bad. How could someone I would give my life for suddenly do this for no reason? Someone, anyone, please help. I don’t know if I can think about this anymore, but that’s all I can do.
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2021.10.25 19:07 millefriis stream your favortie sportsEvents & benefit from access to 80k+ VOD stream your favortie sportsEvents & benefit from access to 80k+ VOD submitted by millefriis to IPTVresell [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:07 Guimem Yield Farming

Hello guys I've been yield farming for a year almost in the avax platform and it's been pretty good, my pasive income is great and I want to use some of that income to yield farm in another platform to increase my pasive income, wich platforms are good to yield farm right now, any good dex with nice APY out there?
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2021.10.25 19:07 -en- @Reuters: U.S. to join with private groups in helping resettle Afghan refugees

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2021.10.25 19:07 cardzzilla [XBOX] [H] Paragon RLCS 21/22 [W] TW Retro Sun (hopefully sweeper or GK) [H] Sweeper Cobalt Rivals [W] TW Inverted Automaton

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2021.10.25 19:07 S3venthsword [fs]Excellent condition LV1.6 with Deuce trigger and 3 bores. 1200.00

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2021.10.25 19:07 Skilledessays HIRE ME..I offer Top-Notch Quality and Timely Delivery of All Assignments.. I have an MBA and 6 Years of Experience. Quality You Can Trust. Contact Me at and Discord Skilledessays#8332.

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SkilledEssays- Your Assignment Writing Partner
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2021.10.25 19:07 piercepotato Hero Edition on Switch- can’t access included DLCs

I’m playing Dungeons on the Switch, bought the Hero Edition physically and new, yet I don’t have access to the supposed included DLCs or the Hero Edition cosmetics. I can’t find any way to fix this on the Switch specifically either. Does anyone know what to do?
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2021.10.25 19:07 stop-the-normies What should be a trend?

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2021.10.25 19:07 AmbedoAvenue How do I get this screw off this fixture?

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2021.10.25 19:07 -en- @Reuters: Colombian shelters prepare for migrant influx as Venezuela reopens border

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2021.10.25 19:07 thirdtimes_thecharm [SW] Nooklings selling for 531

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2021.10.25 19:07 geo_leon Alex Blumberg de Gimlet Media | El negocio de Podcast narrativo y entrevista.

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2021.10.25 19:07 TheGoldenAquarius I feel I’ve been acting way too aggressive here sometimes; and I want to cope with it [VENT]

So recently, I made a post criticizing people who were freaking out way too much over the new book series. Also, earlier this year, I posted something similar regarding people’s overreaction over NFTs.
Now that I’ve let some steam off, I look back at these posts and people’s comments under them and feel like at times I sounded way too hostile and aggressive; despite my initial intention to be just sarcastic and maybe a bit salty.
I’m not taking my points from these posts back, but I wish I had conveyed them less negatively.
That’s not my everyday type of socializing. Usually, I try to be polite and respectful. But at times I feel like I am about to burst. And that I just need to burst.
I grew up repressing my negative emotions a lot, so no wonder I tend to have these sporadic anger fits akin to volcano eruptions, and that I am easily triggerable. This particular post, however, isn’t meant to be a criticism/rant directed at anyone, as I can’t and won’t blame people for not knowing about my state, which I barely openly talk about anyway. It’s about me this time.
While I’ve been working on my anger management issues for a while already (yeah, it’s been even worse before) and got some more or less positive results, there is still definitely a lot of room for improvement.
I’ve talked about some of my gripes in an old post, but I’ll recap some of it.
I’ve been on Freddit for 4 years already, and had always had a sort of a love-hate relationship with this place. While this sub is mostly cool with all of the creative people here, at times the atmosphere in the community can be just too toxic, especially when it comes to theories and people’s views on the lore.
The problem is that I have always stuck to mostly unpopular opinions. Like, I’m okay with post-2015 lore, I like the books, the newer installments, etc. And hence, I tended to sometimes feel alone and unwelcomed here. It reached the point I once had a nervous breakdown because I liked TFC’s ending and most people didn’t. For several months, I had intrusive thoughts, anxiety attacks, nervous coughing, and even heart- and headaches as consequential symptoms.
Not to mention my anger fits and attempts to repress or vent them somewhere. I’ve lost count of how many times I would listen to cartoon villain songs, trying to redirect my feelings into them. I know it’s kinda silly; but at least it was some sort of an outlet, especially in an unwelcoming environment I grew up and still live in, where consulting an actual psychotherapist is enough to get you labeled as ‘crazy’.
There was a lot of stuff I wished I could do whenever something here deeply frustrated me, but was restraining myself from doing that. I wanted to openly argue, to scream, to hit something (or even someone), to cry... If there was a post/comment that would irritate me, something typical like ‘FNAF is confusing’, then I would ponder on this for days at best and weeks at worst. I have once been on a vacation, where I went alone into the nearby forest and kept screaming there until my throat felt sore. Just to vent these negative feelings away. Just not to let myself get into the loop of obsessive thinking again...
Until one day when I had a very distinct meta-nightmare.
I was Charlie from TFC. I was aware that I am a robot, and a book character, and my real self at the same time, so it was a lucid dream. Then I went straight into the lion’s den, a.k.a. Afton and Elizabeth’s hideout, armed with Henry’s suicide bot claw. I think I became dark!Charlie, and I’ve unfolded some sort of a role swap!AU. I told Afton that now that I’m aware I’m a fictional character, and that people hate me, then there is no point in being kind, and that I’m taking William's place as the main villain. Both Afton and Elizabeth were horrified, as I/Charlie burst into evil cackling.
And once I woke up… It scared me. My own feelings and thoughts started scaring me.
This prompted me to get some professional literature on mental health, and even finally get in closer contact with a private psychologist. She helped me a lot, and we were on rather friendly terms… But this year I was left by myself again, because, sadly, she passed away from covid some months ago.
In these hard times, Scott’s news and his comments were sometimes the only things I would return here for. And on my worst days, the only things I lived for…
And even that had to be taken away from me.
I won’t talk about June’s events as it’s against the rules, plus, I don’t want to stir the past things. Let’s just say it was really hard for me to go through; anger-wise as well.
So what am I leading to with all that?
To the fact that there are still a lot of things I disagree on with people in the community, and a lot of unpopular opinions I have. I pondered on leaving the fandom at some point; but the thing is, I like FNAF as it is now a lot. I enjoy most of the fan content and news that come from here. And I wish to create more of my own and convey my ideas without the fear of being laughed at.
I enjoy the games, the books, all of the official content. I don’t see the newer stories as way too weird and un-FNAFy, and even if there is weirdness, I am okay with it. And, yes, I believe that FNAF lore can be perceived as logical and solvable, despite what others may say and think.
But, I guess, I was and still am too possessive (and maybe obsessive) of the stuff that I like, and whenever I see something I disagree with, I panic and perceive it as a threat. I believe I might be projecting my fears on other people; and this is where my anger stems from. But it’s almost impossible to stop myself in this phase with something like ‘Hey, Aqua, you’re overreacting!’, until’s it’s too late and my mind is clouded with emotions.
But I want to work with it and change it.
I want to make a difference here for the better, but I also want to become better myself as well. It’s just can be hard for me to find a perfect balance between opening up everything that’s I’ve been hoarding inside, both good and bad, and thus potentially hurting someone vs. being all kind, patient and polite and thus redirecting all negativity to myself.
Yet, I’ve never labeled myself as an angel, so if I roast someone, I know I might deserve roasting as well. I want to learn to become more thick-skinned and accepting of the criticisms towards myself or the things that I like, as well as improve my debating skills. And I can’t do this without making a ton of mistakes first, right?
I just don't want to keep all my thoughts inside my head and being mad at people, but I don't want to make people feel mad and upset either.
So, to any of you, if my words seemed to sound way too hostile and irksome, then I apologize. And in fact, I have to thank you for pointing this out. I’ll try to choose better wording next time if I want to prove my point.
Anyway, thanks for reading this through. I spent way too much time writing and rewriting this, but it was worth it.
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2021.10.25 19:07 reasonable_gamer Fördur

Fördur Man, that map is something else <3
Honestly, I'm in love.

Vanaheim at night
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